Detailed Company Information

Tire Chains

We dispatch Japanese engineers to Chinese manufacturers which have already undergone thorough training on the strict Japanese quality standards in the disciplined pursuit of high quality tire chain production. We provide original tire chains based on each individual client’s demands including chain link size and wire thickness.

Service Features



  • JIS type

    General old-fashioned tire chains conforming to JIS standards

  • Single-touch ladder type

    Wire specifications for side chain and using pulleys for simple attachment and removal

  • Single-touch hexagonal type

    Hexagonal type chains in a cross pattern for even more gripping power

  • Automatic fastening type

    The chains tense up automatically when driving so there is no need to fasten *Patent pending


We carry all types of sizes.

  • Large trucks
  • Small trucks
  • Lightweight trucks

Construction vehicles

We carry all types of sizes.

  • S
  • H
  • W/O
  • S/O
Standard Work Flow
Q Can we tour the factory?
A Yes, you can. The factories are top level Chinese manufacturers. We will provide guidance with confidence.
Q How often and for how long do Japanese engineers go to China to provide instruction?
A They go every year and are stationed for 3-4 months during the production time.
Q Do you carry out procedures such as import custom clearance?
A Yes, we do. We are an import expert and we carry out everything including import custom clearance and arranging for transport to delivery to a specified location.