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Fishing Net Chains

The most important aspect of fishing net chains is preventing rust. We carry out neutral salt spray testing with a surface treatment method developed jointly with the manufacturer in which the chains easily pass testing involving going 1,200 hours without producing red rust. In addition, we dispatch experienced engineers from Japanese chain manufacturers to provide thorough instruction on actual chain production in addition to preventing rust.

Service Features

Product specifications

Nominal dimensions
Diameter (d)
Pitch (p)
Inner width (w)
Working load
Breaking load
3/8 10.0 33.78 14.48 2826 102
7/16 11.8 34.80 19.10 3969 142
1/2 13.2 43.70 19.10 5126 178
9/16 14.0 41.90 21.60 5511 200
5/8 16.0 49.30 23.10 7167 261
3/4 19.0 64.00 24.00 10070 368

General Purpose Chains

We procure various different types of chains from overseas in accordance with our clients’ specifications including elevator chains, manhole chains and gas cylinder chains.
Feel free to ask us for details.

Standard Work Flow
Q What are the inspection and evaluation standards of the neutral salt spray testing?
A The evaluation standard is no red rust at NSS 1200h based on the Chinese national standard GB/T10125-2012.
Q What is the recommended term of usage?
A The manufacturer recommends to replace these every 3 years.
Q What is the standard delivery period?
A The standard delivery period is 3 months but if you notify us beforehand, we can secure stock at the manufacturer.